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Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler The Breakdown

  • Catherine Anne Davies – vocals
  • Bernard Butler – piano 
  • Rex Horan – upright bass

’The Breakdown’ is the first offering to be lifted from the forthcoming collaborative album by Catherine Anne Davies (aka The Anchoress) and Bernard Butler. ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ will be released via Needle Mythology on 18th September, 2020 and is notable as the first new master recording for Pete Paphides’ label. 

The Breakdown explores the personal price to the pursuit of economic wealth and the failures of free market capitalism, framed through the story of one investment banker’s catastrophic breakdown. Butler adds “Musically the song is deliberately dysfunctional with an unorthodox slowed up 10/8 meter. The piano arpeggio is played forwards then backwards to symbolise the dysfunctional dreamlike beauty of the breakdown”

Written by Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler | Produced & mixed by Bernard Butler at Studio 355, London | Published by Warner Chappell / Copyright Control

The Breakdown is taken from the forthcoming album In Memory Of My Feelings – Limited edition formats include 2LP +7” w/ signed lyric sheet and gatefold replica CD with signed postcard available for a limited period exclusively via the Official store. Out 18th September on Needle Mythology. PRE-ORDER HERE

Needle Mythology