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Robert Forster Beautiful Hearts

Soon after I named the album, I was dissatisfied with its title. Kicking myself that I hadn’t kept with the album’s working title Beautiful Hearts (much more fitting for an album of other people’s songs). The remaster has allowed me to restore the record to its original working title.

Robert Forster

Originally entitled I Had A New York Girlfriend, Beautiful Hearts was Robert’s first and, to date, only album of other people’s songs. Originally released in 1994, the album saw Robert tackle a diverse array of favourite songs – among them Mickey Newbury’s Frisco Depot, Martha & The Muffins’ Echo Beach, Alone by Heart and Guy Clark’s Broken-Hearted People.

Although intensely beloved of his fans, the album has never seen a vinyl release until now. Having had three decades to reflect on the record, Robert took this chance to revisit the album’s title and artwork. I Had A New York Girlfriend had been an eleventh-hour decision, a line taken from the Modern Lovers song Old World. The working title had always been Beautiful Hearts, a phrase borrowed from another song, For Those by Tindersticks. With the old title gone, the artwork – a New York street scene – no longer made sense. “So, in its place,” explains Robert, “comes a contemporaneous photograph of me conducting a set of musicians crashing into the album’s opening cut Nature’s Way. Well… that’s the fantasy.”

Back in 1994, Beautiful Hearts had been a decision undertaken by Robert in part to buy him time. He had found himself in a song drought, but he had read enough about the travails of songwriters in trouble to know that, sometimes, an album of other people’s material can often move artists to a place where the songs start to come again.

And so, it came to be… Warm Nights


  • Beautiful Hearts is completed by a 7″ single that features Robert’s versions of The Lady Don’t Mind (Talking Heads) and Freddy Fender’s Sohn (F.S.K.)
  • The new artwork for the album was created by Matthew Cooper, who has worked closely with Robert on the continuing G Is For Go-Betweens series of archival box sets. 
  • Remastered at Abbey Road by Sean Magee (credits inc. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols)
  • Beautiful Hearts is released by Needle Mythology in strictly limited runs of 1500 vinyl copies. One thousand copies will be available on black vinyl, while 500 more copies are available on aubergine coloured vinyl discs. There will also be 1250 CDs of Beautiful Hearts.




140g vinyl pressing (@ Vinyl Factory) plus bonus two-track 7”, housed in a gatefold sleeve. The CD comes with 12-page colour booklet.


  1. Nature’s Way
  2. Broken Hearted People (Guy Clark)
  3. Echo Beach (Martha & The Muffins)
  4. Tell Me That It Isn’t True (Bob Dylan)
  5. 2541 (Grant Hart)
  6. Anytime”(Rick Nelson)


  1. Locked Away
  2. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow (The Monkees)
  3. Alone (Heart)
  4. Bird (Michael Hansonis)
  5. Frisco Depot (Mickey Newbury)
  6. 3 A.M.” (Bill Anderson)




  1. The Lady Don’t Mind (Talking Heads)


  1. Freddy Fenders Sohn (F.S.K.)



  1. Nature’s Way
  2. Broken Hearted People (Guy Clark)
  3. Echo Beach (Martha & The Muffins)
  4. Tell Me That It Isn’t True (Bob Dylan)
  5. 2541 (Grant Hart)
  6. Anytime (Rick Nelson)
  7. Locked Away
  8. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow (The Monkees)
  9. Alone (Heart)
  10. Bird (Michael Hansonis)
  11. Frisco Depot (Mickey Newbury)
  12. 3 A.M. (Bill Anderson)
Needle Mythology